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DMI Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions


As wealth managers, we are deeply committed to a comprehensive financial process that is designed to help cover our clients’ current and future needs while preparing for the unexpected. Our services help our clients meet their lifelong financial needs while preparing them for a comfortable, secure retirement.


Our strategies are based on market-tested analysis, professional-quality tools, and evaluation techniques that we have developed over years of experience. Using our suite of planning tools, we develop durable financial strategies that are designed to help grow your wealth over time while managing risk and protecting you from the downside.


We understand that every client has unique circumstances, needs, and goals and we specialize in creating custom plans that will help meet your specific needs. Our goal is to be with you throughout your financial journey to help you meet important life events and overcome obstacles along the way.


 We understand that retirement has a whole new meaning. Ultimately, our clients care about having a comfortable retirement lifestyle that enables them to live their dreams.

Retirement doesn’t look the same for everyone. Many clients want to stay active and involved in their careers or start something entirely new; others want to travel or spend time with family.  The bottom line is that retirement is a new and exciting stage in life, and our mission to help our clients prepare for retirement and every stage of life before.