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2021 State of the Markets

Keys to Long Term Investing Part 1 of 3

2020 State of the Markets Webcast

2020 El Estado de los Mercados (The State of the Markets SPANISH)

Black Swan Events

Emergency Funds

DMI's State of the Markets

Jeremy & John narrate this 'captivating' dive into where we were in 2018

and where we think we might be heading in 2019. Grab some caffeine and watch!



2019 DMI Halftime Report

5 Retirement Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

DMI's January Update

John & Jeremy's latest after an "exciting" 4th quarter. 

Stay tuned for what kind of car John would drive if gas were $.36 and

Jeremy's secret destructive personality.

DMI's November Update

Its the day before mid-term elections. Don't miss what's got Jeremy interested, and John telling us who DOESN'T like Amazon's free shipping!